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Rumba employs a clean, simple design language, creating a strong, bold style, further underlined by its firmly grounded stance. Every part of the product has been aesthetically considered, creating a completely visually integrated workstation.

This uncluttered aesthetic hides a thoroughly engineered product. Rumba exhibits exceptional stability, rigidity, and strength in both screens and table tops, even when the table top is at maximum height.

Rumba leads its class in visual resolution, right down to concealing fasteners wherever possible, or hiding the workstation mechanisms from the user – even when the user is under the desk!

The end user has been paramount in the design process, exemplified in height adjustment of 610-900mm (standard workstation) and 700mm-1100mm (sit-stand workstation), and a class leading maximum leg space on a 120° desk.

Rumba is compatible with our complete range of screens, in almost any configuration imaginable, yet achieves this with a minimal kit of parts, meaning that future changes to an office layout are hassle free.



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