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CMS Dynamo is a dynamic monitor arm intuitively designed to deliver seamless handling across installation, mounting and adjusting.
Developed to move with you , Dynamo effortlessly rotates, pivots and extends, enabling tool-less and absolute adjustment to minimise eye and posture strain.
The detachable VESA mounting plate is easily adaptable to support Laptops, MacBook, Thin-Client PC and Tablets, making it ideal for a host of applications, from commercial workstations, home office, retail and general areas requiring continual adjustment.


-Available in White and Black
-2-8kg Weight rating
-30 Inch screen
-360° on-the-fly portrait-landscape adjustments
-Dynamic motion allows instant adjustment without the use of fasteners
-Forward extension range of 38cm (12 – 54cm from base)
-Vertical range of 30cm (18 – 48cm from desktop)
-Top-mounted clamp-base eliminates under-table mounting making installation and future relocation easy
-Suits 10-45mm top thickness
-Backed by a 3yr warranty
-Dynamic arm tested to 100,000 cycles for stability at any angle
-Capable of handling up to 24 inch monitors
-Resolved cable management with clips and detachable covers


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